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History of the Founding of the
Recreated Bavarian Leib Regiment

In the Fall of 1983 a group of students from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania gathered at a meeting convened by Dr. David L. Valuska. Dr. Valuska was a professor of History and Executive Director of the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center at Kutztown University. Professor Valuska had a long abiding interest in German culture and military studies and was an active member of Germany’s premiere military history society. As a result of his interests and service to the preservation of German culture, the Federal Republic of Germany awarded him the Verdienstkreuz Ersteklasse. The choice of the Bavarian regiment was simple as Dr. Valuska had many extended family, and friends, living in Bavaria.

After a brief meeting with his students, six opted to join the newly forming unit. These were students that had an interest in the military history of the Kaiserzeit and the role that Germany played in the First World. In addition to military history many were interested in the art and illustrations surrounding the Bavarian regiment and WW 1. As a result of that interest they researched the early posters advertising the Leib regiment. Many students became deeply involved in researching the uniforms and equipment of the First World War German soldiers. They were aided in their research by 4 or 5 military collectors that also joined the fledging group. Many of those collectors possessed original artifacts of the Bavarian unit stemming from WWI which greatly enabled the members in their research. One other valuable asset to the group were reenactors that had been members portraying German units in the American War for Independence such as von Donops Regiment as an example.

The goal was to create as authentic an impression as possible, and all items went under scrutiny to ensure their authenticity; not only in clothing but in field gear and weaponry. A complete study of the military history was undertaken and often in the trenches items relating to the regiment were discussed Quite a few of the members undertook the study of German and in some cases orders were issued in German; this did not always work as not everyone was conversant in the language. On a regular basis the group would get together and raise a few beers and also discuss the social conditions prevalent at the time. In the field every soldier strove to carry out the image and his impression and in the first reenactments were commended for their fealty and dedication to purpose.

This then was the beginning King’s Bavarian Life Regiment

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