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Who We Are

The Leib Regiment is a group of like-minded friends who come together to portray one of the elite units of the WWI German army, actually a Royal Bavarian unit. This unique unit was chosen because at that tiome, there were no Bavarians being represented in Great War reenacting ANYWHERE and also because the impression has a wide latitude to show differing types of uniforms and gear.

Our group has members from all walks of life, from businessmen to the professionally unemployed. We also have collectors and craftsmen — historians and tacticians... just a wide-range of knowledgeable guys!

In the Leib Regiment, we also have members who specialize in finding uniforms, gear and weapons to help felow members complete their kit — it truly IS a brotherhood.

In many ways, our group is like true Bavarians, serious when needed, but mostly we have a low-key, casual approach. Our unit approaches the hobby with the relaization that this is a hobby and not the real military. We all have to go back to work on Monday, so we don't want anyone hurt or injured.

A Chosen Group

We don't let just anyone join the unit. This is a hobby that we do for FUN and as you can guess, a person that doesn't fit in with the group only makes themselves, but also the whole group miserable. We try ro minimize that kind of thing

New "Rekruten" join as probationary members for one year or two events, at which time the unit votes on their admittance as full members. What this means is that you are either made a full emmber or perhaops, given a couple more events to get your impression together. If you are not voted in, we will ask you to find another group to join. This is for your benefit as well as ours and it ensures that new members are a good fit with the rest of the group.

It sounds like a bit much, but it’s really a system to ensure our unit of getting quality people who are enthusiastic, dedicated and fit in with our membership. We work hard and play hard as a team. At the end of the day we also like to relax and have a few beers and sing old German songs and tell jokes. If this sounds like this is for you, then fill out the online form and we’ll start you on your journey to becoming a Frontsoldat.

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