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How to Join

If what you see on this website appeals to you, and you can meet the Leib Rgt's requirements, please click here and fill out the form! When you hit submit, it will go to our Rekrut Coordinator. After we receive the form, we'll give you a call and discus the unit and things with you.

Your Sponsor

Anyway, after you join, a sponsor member from within the unit will be assigned to you and he, along with the unit leaders, will guide you through the processes of becoming a Great War reenactor—and a participant in a truly unique experience in a unique hobby. The sponsor is a vital part of the hobby... It's very hard to just go and join and build your impression by yourself. and, in a hobby that has actual dangers, new men need to be shown the ropes properly. And yes, we say "men" because women are NOT allowed to portray men in this hobby — unlike other time periods, the Great War Association has some pretty strict authenticity rules and political correctness is not a criteria. If you want that kind of thing, perhaps Civil War or RevWar is more to your taste.


DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT buy ANY uniforms or equipment without consulting your sponsor and/or the unit authenticity officer. Many times new members will visit a dealer's store and end up being sold incorrect, or often just plain JUNK by unscrupulous dealers. This even applies to big dealers, so beware: you do not want to waste your hard-earned money on something you will not be allowed to use.

[A note here: there ARE many good and honest dealers and we will do our best to steer you to these folks — it's the bad apples we want to save you from!]
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